Chaos Online: Join Alpha Testing Activities

Enjoy! Join Alpha Testing Activities


Thanks for your participation and contributions for Chaos Online Alpha Test. Not to make the alpha testing and bug finding that technical and boring, we are going to hold several activities for our alpha testers.


Celebration on Alpha Test

During your training from Lv.1 to Lv. 40, you will get alpha test prize during each stage. You will have your prize when you reach to Lv. 10, 20, 25, 30, 35 and 40!


First 10 Warriors

If you are one of the first 10 warriors reach to Lv. 40, you will get your prize as well. We encourage you to explore more and find out more bugs during the training. You can see these warriors by clicking here.


Top 10 Bug finders

As you may know, all new games have problems or bugs that need to be worked out. We have decided to hold a contest to help locate the bugs within the game – “Top 10 Bug Finders”! We will reward the top 10 players who submit the most uniquely reported bugs. Prizes include but are not limited to: gold, super potions, and gems. Good Luck and Happy Hunting!


Lady Fashion

Ladies, Chaos Online has a special treat for you! As you may have noticed Chaos Online has four female classes: Archer, Hunter, Mage, and Paladin. All four classes excel at ranged attacked and controlling magic. The really attractive thing for these classes is that Chaos Online also has a fashion system. During the Alpha Testing Period if you upload one of your photos with the same name as it is in the official forums for Chaos, you will receive one special suit of either: “Hot Girl Suit”, “Sports Series”, or “Fairy Series”. Every account can only receive one suit. You can join the activity by clicking here


Novice Mount

In Chaos Online only characters that are level 30 or higher are able to ride mounts. As a special treat, during the Alpha Testing stage, we developed a Novice Mount. This mount can be obtained at level 15. It will help give the player better experience, but the draw back is that the mount only has a seven day life-cycle. To receive this special mount at level 15, simply speak to the Novice Guide. After the seven day life-cycle the Novice Mount disappears. No need to worry, because by the end of the seven days you should easily reach level 30 and you will receive another free mount from the Novice Guide.


Top 10 Screenshot Takers

“Top 10 Screenshot Takers” is launching now. We will reward top 10 people who upload quality screenshots. There is no topic limit for this activity. It could be beautiful view, brilliant effect of skill, fantastic equipments, funny emotion, etc. Creative works are preferred. The winners will be given some gold, gems, and super potions! Please upload your screenshots in official forum.


If you are new here, do not hesitate and join Chaos Online today! Not like other games in alpha testing, in Chaos Online all data will be saved if there isn’t any major bug. Read here

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