Chevron Seven Will Not Lock for Stargate Worlds

Chevron Seven Will Not Lock for Stargate Worlds


MMO development is fraught with twists and turns. A strong intellectual property can suddenly just be canned because it doesn’t suit the investors. A well hyped and well documented game can flop because it just wasn’t as good as it was sold. One game that has had more than its fair share of ups and downs is of course Stargate Worlds.


Oberon Seven Will Not Lock


MGM Entertainment has, as of November 3rd, pulled the license for the Stargate MMO from Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment. The company itself has been embroiled in legal battles recently regarding its assets and recently a judge awarded control of all assests to Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment in the case against Dark Comet Games and Fresh Start Studios, both formed by former Cheyenne employees looking to use company materials for the Stargate Resistance shooter released earlier this year.


You can read more about the case here

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