ChildrenÂ’s Day In-Game Promotion on June 1st

SmartCell Technology is celebrating International Children’s Day on June 1st by offering Shadow of Legend players the chance to receive ten FREE “bonbons” in the game.

The bonbons are items that you can use to recover your character’s health and mana up to 60% – something most players need during dire situations in combat.

Here’s how you can obtain your “bonbon”:

1. Log into Shadow of Legend on June 1st.

2. Find the “Event Envoy” NPC at either of these coordinates. Depending on your camp, your coordinates will be:
Union: Sanwennesia (721, 1157)
Chaos: GreyRock Castle (393, 907)

3. Speak to the “Event Envoy” and you shall receive your ten FREE bonbons.

4. The bonbons are bound, which means they cannot be traded or sent through your in-game mail.

Don’t miss out on this one-day only event! In the meantime, SmartCell hopes you’re enjoying the new update.

– The SOL Team

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