Christmas Presents for the Upcoming Conquer Online Event

Christmas Presents for the Conquer Online Upcoming Event

Time flies when you are gathering up sweet Christmas Candies. Surely you became aware that Christmas and New Year are approaching when you planted a Christmas tree with your own hands.
What is Santa Claus is bringing you this year?
Duration: Dec 20 0:00 – Jan 5 23:59
Requirement: All players and all servers
The quests guide is coming soon
It seems that age finally caught up to Santa Claus. Last time he made a mistake and announced that the presents he is going to offer will all be bound. I am here to apologize for these careless words and show you the real gifts! As far as I’m concerned, this year you will earn lots of good stuff as long as join our event
Christmas Quests in Conquer Online
Besides generous rewards, you will find the new quests full of competition and puzzles. Of the 12 quests available, I will tell you about 2 to satisfy your curiosity.
We like to build snowmen during Christmas, but it is really too cold outside and it is not easy to find enough people to help out. But in our quest, it’s never been easier! You will find your friends all over the world! Not only that, you will meet you opponents, too. Players join this quest will be divided into two sides. Each side needs to hunt monsters to gather Snow Bags to build their snowman. An Empty Christmas Stocking will be granted to the winning side, and used to decorate the Xmas Tree in Twin City. The next day, winners will find the stocking filled with their gifts! That’s really encouraging!
Decorate the City in Conquer Online
Do you like dance? Have you performed an elegant dance in Conquer Online? Do you like DIYing a genre of dance on your own and seeing others try to match it? Then Dancing Master is going to realize your dream! You should quickly talk to the mission NPC and have enough event coins (only need 1). But honestly speaking, following another’s dance steps is not so bad. As Franklin Roosevelt said: We cannot expect all of us to become heroes, there should always be someone standing in the street, welcoming the passing by heroes with beautiful flowers.
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