Chronicles of Spellborn: travelling through the shards

Travelling and discovering new areas is done quite differently to other MMORPGs in The Chronicles of Spellborn. Since the world of Spellborn is divided in different shard realms floating through the Deadspell Storm, other means of transport are necessary than just walking or riding. In order to travel to the different rock realms, the fantasy online-roleplaying game offers impressive journeys on so-called shard ships. Similar to sailing boats these massive vehicles are able to fly from one shard to another through the magical Deadspell Storm.

To use the shard ships, players will need to be fame level 10 minimum and interact with specific NPCs to join the crew. Departing from the docks of Hawk’s Landing they will then experience a real-time journey together with other players and NPCs. Yet, they should be wary of the menaces lurking in the Storm and be ready to defend the ship. Hostile humanoids or even monsters could attack without warning during the travel. If a player fears these encounters and needs to travel quickly, he or she can also rent a cabin, which works like a teleport.

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