Chrono Wars introduces the Dragon Arm

Chrono Wars introduces the Dragon Arm news header

Along with its recent server launch of S6 “Continuum”, Chrono Wars: Light of Darkness has introduced the Dragon Arm system.

Activating your Dragon Arm will allow you to carry the tremendous power of dragons on your right arm, protecting you wherever you go. It not only increases three basic attributes that players have been familiar with (Attack, Defense, HP), but also opens up three new battle attributes: Grit, Block, and Block Rate. This unique feature is not only a powerful new skill, but also quite an eye-popping one.

Dragon Scales are needed in order to upgrade the Dragon Arm, and they can be obtained from the Dragon Treasury Challenge. You can enter Dragon Treasury after reaching Lv. 59 or above, and the challenge is open all day. Conquer each floor of the Dragon Treasury and upgrade your Dragon Arm! The higher the Dragon Arm level, the more attributes and BR you will achieve.


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