City-Building System

The brand new City Building system for the new version of Voyage Century ( will be released soon. Seizing a port is always important in Voyage Century, but it takes on added value now. In the old version, a port can be occupied by a guild, and the guild will obtain a lot of benefits from it. However only powerful guilds have the ability to occupy the most prosperous ports. In addition, these ports are so few that once they are captured by a guild, it may never change hands again. As time passes, the difference between the powerful guilds and the ordinary guilds will become more pronounced.

In order to change this unfair situation, all guilds are allowed to build their own ports if they meet certain low requirements in the new version. Furthermore, players can develop their own ports in many directions, which will definitely bring a new dimension to business as usual.

So far, the new version of Voyage Century is still being tested, but players can keep a close eye on the official Voyage Century website for the latest information.

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