City of Heroes: 2008 Halloween Event Has Begun!

This year’s event has a new twist with a group of unwanted guests looking to spoil the trick or treating, Zombies!

As a special thank you to all City of Heroes and City of Villains players we’ve begun this year’s Halloween Event early! Now through November 2nd, enjoy the 2008 Halloween Event!

These homely fellows seem to be literally rising from the ground beneath us and attacking heroes, villains and citizens without discrimination. Their taste in fashion is despicable, not to mention the flies and the smell! Be sure to have the zone event channel added to one of your chat tabs in-game to see the event notifications and take part in all the fun!

Badges, Temporary Costumes and Other Rewards
But know this! With new challenges come new rewards! All of last year’s trick or treating goodies are back this year. Heroes and Villains can collect Classical Costumes (and wear them) for Trick or Treating throughout the city. Badges will be available for those who collect the most Classical Costumes. It’s almost enough to make heroes and villains set their differences aside. Almost.

Old Enemies Return
Ravenwing Cabal’s Annah will be in Croatoa to explain more about some of the activities, as will Granny Beldam in Nerva Archipelago.

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