Closed Beta is Scheduled on 22nd,June

It is with great pleasure and excitement that we are ready to start AoA’s closed beta. We do expect you gamers to experience this quite unique MMORPG with great enthusiasm. Here, we want to inform gamers that the current versions of AoA is not the final version for commercialization. We have the following three purposes to release the current version.
• Firstly, we want to introduce our product–AoA to the entire world, hoping of letting the players get the idea of AoA and of experiencing what AoA provides.
• Secondly, we hope to receive the suggestions about AoA from players who have experienced the current beta. We want to know what the players expect for the game, and we also want to find out what the players’ taste and interest are. That will give us a huge help in both bettering our product and keeping a right direction of further development.
• Thirdly, as Snail Game is a Chinese online game developer, we may have some problems in the translation. We hope all the players can give us a hand by providing the poor translations you will find out to GM.
We are looking forward to your reactions and we sincerely appreciate your patience and help.
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