Cloud Nine: Closed Beta Details

This is a quick reminder from your friendly neighbourhood OnRPG crew that the Cloud Nine Closed Beta only last for another couple of days.

In this CBT, six classes (Warrior, Hunter, Monk, Thief, Priest and Mage)  for three races (Seneka, Koshare and Matska) have been revealed along with PvP modes such as party battles, guild battles between nations, and world PvP (that also allows PvP between players belong to the same nation) in the certain areas.

An upgraded ‘Class revolving system’ and ‘Seven Sign’ unique party skill combo system only in available Cloud Nine will be displayed upcoming CBT periods as well.

The G.O.D system (Game Organizing Design) is one of the most innovative features in Cloud Nine.  This system provides new experiences to players with monster taming and transforming. With the monster taming system, players can randomly get monster cards from battles with enemies in the game and (after a bit of effort) use the monsters sealed in the cards as pets.  The cards are not just for collecting and displaying, but for obtaining companions as well.  This system will motivate players to want to start their own monster card collections.

Monster transforming gives players the ability to play as monsters by using monster cards they obtained from battle.  Players will find this system providing unexpected entertainment.  The system does not only transform appearances but also skills and stats so players will encounter a whole new type of game-play as if they were a monster in the field.

With these unique contents as well as standard ones like a crafting system, quests, and numerous dungeons, players of Cloud Nine will find something new and exciting to do everyday.

All of the Mgame USA staff wishes to give their thanks to players for showing their love and interest in Cloud Nine.  They feel strongly in the belief that the successful start of Cloud Nine CBT is all because of them and will do their best to meet players’ needs and expectations.

Mgame USA also would like to remind everyone that while the CBT is going on, there are plans to test Cloud Nine’s security system with a limited amount of users as well.  By doing this it is hoped that a faster and stronger system to prevent hacking and increase security can be built.


Cloud Nine - Closed Beta is almost over!

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