CloudNine Beta starts on the 27th!

Fans of CloudNine waiting to get playing in the Beta Test have to be a bit more patient, the beta starts on September 27th. Beta keys are being distributed by OnRPG and two other MMO sites.

The CloudNine Beta Test will run for three weeks during which people may participate in the tests every Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.
The Beta Test of CloudNine will release with three races; Seneka, Korshare, and Matska and with six different classes. It will also feature Quests, a crafting System, Monster Transformation, PvP, Taming, a Mount System, and much more contents reaching upto Level 35.
In addition, when CloudNine is released, several Testers will be hand selected to launch an event that gives out Items and/or run tests with the Hacking Prevent System to further improve security.
Employees of MGAME USA have stated, “We are continuously perfecting the production of game contents and offering this CloudNine game service because it was created to be the Title of the New Production of NETGAME and will soon become the Light of the Global Service. People will also experience the significantly improved NETGAME style MMORPG through the Beta Test beginning on the 27th.”
The infamous ‘Class Revolving System’ including CloudNine’s one and only “Seven Sign”, the Ultimate Party Combo System, created by collecting requests from the USA teams are expected to see great results when the official Service is released. More detailed information of this content can be found on the Official CloudNine Homepage.

Cloud Nine Beta Starts the 27th

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