Club System

You’ve played hundreds of matches… run the last bit of strength… consumed your last pair of trainers and now you shine in the heaven of street Football.

Now a new challenge is getting ready for you.

It is time to start thinking about who your real friends are and get ready for:

“Club System”!

This great new features will be available soon in your favourite street football game.

With these incoming elements you can finally create your own distinct group of friends, teaming up with your favourites and challenging other clubs to see who’s the BEST. You’ll have access to dedicated group features, official uniforms, club matches and more!


  1. Create and join a Club
  2. Choose a name for your team
  3. Set up club uniforms
  4. Enter into a dedicated Club channel to compete with other Clubs
  5. Look for your Club in the new “Club Ranking”
  6. Gain club points to access exclusive team features


These completely new characteristics will make you see the game under a different perspective, giving more importance to the team-based play…

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