Code D Development Progress + a Powerful Weapon

What is going on with Code D? According to the dev team, the core part of Code D has been completed, and they are busy with the design of the rest. And then they’ll have to do internal testing, bug fixes, and other sorts of stuffs. So it seems that we still have to wait quite a few months before the game actually goes into Beta.
Luckily, while I chatted with the dev team over the internal IM, they sent me an interesting screenshot – a powerful weapon with no name. Hope it will somewhat satisfy your curiosity.

DC sword

A powerful weapon with no name
Obviously, this cool weapon is going to be added into the game for characters to equip and enhance their attack or other abilities. But which class can wield this weapon? Give free rein to your imagination, give the weapon a name and guess what types of stats it has.
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