Combat Arms Adds Store-Front Battle with New Map: Bloodbath Bazaar

Combat Arms Adds Store-Front Battle with New Map: Bloodbath Bazaar


Combat Arms


Nexon America has released “Operation Second Wind,”new content for its high-intensity, online first person shooter, “Combat Arms,” that includes battle map in a market called Bloodbath Bazaar, adds new game modes to its Death Row map, adds user interface improvements and new weapons to its enormous armory.



“Combat Arms,” which has millions of registered players in North America, features the market-themed map, Bloodbath Bazarr in its newest content update. This map, based in Turkey, is the epicenter for chemical weapons smuggling, which results in a massive firefight between forces where a variety of combatant’s skills can be put to use. The map allows for tactics such as all-assault as teams vie to control the map’s two courtyards. The map gives ample cover and high-windows for skilled snipers to take down their enemies. A stealthy player can also use the market’s many shade-giving awnings to jump from to out-flank and surprise their enemies.



Additionally, “Operations Second Wind” adds changes to its Death Row map, enabling One Man Army, Spy Hunt, Quarantine Regen and Last Man Standing game play modes. The update also improves the user interface including an updates shop image view, an ignore list and better video recording information. Adding to its more than 300 gun arsenal, “Combat Arms” has added the G18 Carbon Black pistol and the Tristar Cobra Force pump-action shotgun.

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