Coming Event: Halloween, Trick or Treating!

Halloween is the most enjoyable holiday of the year. No matter how old you are, you just can’t help but get into the Halloween spirit! With the exception of Thanksgiving, this is the last of the year’s harvest festivals. The crops are in, and it’s time to relax and prepare for the coming winter ahead. The idea of playing tricks is not a malicious one, but just as a way of having a bit of lighthearted fun before the long dark winter settles in.

This year, Zero decided to celebrate Halloween with all the Zero online players. We will launch a Halloween event called “Halloween, Trick or Treating”, where you, the players, can submit screenshots of your characters. You can edit your screenshots to play “Trick or Treating” activities with the other characters in Zero. It would be preferable to dress up your characters in a manner suited for the Halloween atmosphere.

The submissions will be judged on creativity and humor. We will carefully decide upon the most fitting submissions. Players are allowed to use any image editing software to modify your screenshots and make it look fabulous!

This event will last about a month, starting on 17th of Oct. and running through until 31st of Oct. Then the results will be released on 4th of Nov. Everyone can join in regardless of levels or servers! You can start preparing for it now and submit your picture during the event period!

1st Prize (1 winner): 4140 ZPs
2nd Prize (2 winners): 2760 ZPs
3rd Prize (3 winners): 1380 ZPs
Participation Prize (30 winners): 680 ZPs

1.The picture must be in-game screenshots
2.The picture must at least have one Zero character.
3. The picture must have a Halloween theme -trick or treating theme is a plus.
4. The picture should have speech bubbles if necessary, for ease of reading.

Visit the official Zero Online forums to discuss this event and join in the event relevant discussion sections!

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