Complete Task System in Age of Armor

With Age of Armor Closed Beta right around the corner, we invite players to experience the task system in Age of Armor and provide their feedback.
There are six kinds of quests in Age of Armor. They are Main Task, Training Task, Chip Task, Race Tasks, Repeatable Task, and Instance Task. Each of them is independent and relatively connected with each other. You can either choose to finish the Main quest to become an excellent soldier or complete some repeatable quests to become a rich guy. We have also designed some repeatable quests in order to help recruits gain more money and essential material to update their armors. These quests only require players to hand in few of normal material looted from the mobs. Special missions for those level 20+ players to get “Special Chip” have also been added into our game. The players who complete the quest would gain a special chip to improve their armors with special skills. For those new recruits, we provide a series of quests to help them get familiar with the game from level 4 to level 25. By completing Race Tasks, players gain not only some wonderful equipment but also a better idea of their own race. As for the Instance Task, epic equipment can be looted from the Boss there. There are still many other surprising quests waiting for the players to complete!
The 2nd Closed Beta of Age of Armor will start on August 15. Now you can get an account by the following link:

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