Conquer Online: Chinese New Year Quests

January 26th is the beginning of the 2009 Chinese New Year! Chinese New Year, also refered to as Spring Festival, is the most important of the Chinese holidays, and it is a time of feasting with family, a grand celebration, fireworks, and gift-giving.

To celebrate this gallant festival and to let players from different parts of the world experience the long history involved with Chinese culture; Conquer Online will release the Chinese New Year Special Quests.

Duration: Jan, 24th to Jan, 31st
Requirement: Level 20 or above.

The quest series consists of 4 quests, all relating to the traditional festivities of the Spring Festival. In these elaborate quests, players can set off fireworks for a new year blessing, join the imperial parade in Twin City, greet friends in disguise of an ox as 2009 is the year of the ox, and slay the evil Predators pestering the residents of Twin City!

From the quests, you can not only win rich rewards, such as Fortune Packs, Fireworks and Double Exp, etc. but also experience game versions of some customary Chinese New Year traditions.

Happy Chinese New Year!

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