Conquer Online: Claim Your Elite Privileges

Conquer’s realm is enormous. You can travel through many varied lands, like plains, islands and deserts. However, this geographical mass could become the barrier for players to access those scattered warehouses. One has to spend time and money travelling between different warehouses and artisans.

Now you never need be troubled again! The only thing you need to do is to join Conquer Online VIP Service. If you credit TQ Point Cards >=150 USD from Jan. 1st, 2008, then you are eligible to the VIP service. By Binding Accounts to the VIP service, players can gain some elite privileges. These VIP features provide VIP players with more convenience than others. But for non-paying players, don’t be discouraged – we will maintain the essential gameplay balance in Conquer Online.

Recommended Privileges:

  1. Remotely open the warehouses around the world of Conquer Online.
  2. Remotely repair or compose the equipment even when stuck in the deepest dungeon.
  3. One more time Demon Exterminators Quest each day.
  4. 50% off for the PK-killed EXP loss.
  5. Server login priority

The higher your VIP level is, the more services you can access. Undoubtedly, these VIP functions will provide players with tremendous help. Open your VIP account in Conquer Online today!

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