Conquer Online: Enhanced Security Measures Preview

Conquer Online will be adding some additional security measures in order to ensure that account security and virtual property protection remain at the forefront of our business model. In order to further protect our players the following five changes will be implemented by the end of April:

1. New anti-virus/Trojan software/code has been installed into the game client files. This will add another level of security to your account.
2. Item Lock – Once an item has been locked it can no longer be traded (except with business partners), stored, or sold in a market booth. Locked items can not be dropped while PK’ing as a red/black named player.
3. Fair Trade System- When trading in CO, the system will ascertain the value of an item. Items whose value does not match that of their ‘normal’ valued prize will be marked as suspicious. Suspicious items will not be able to be equipped, dropped, sold, upgraded, composed, or used.
4. Trading Partner- These are your selected friends whom you choose to trade with. No item traded by you and your ‘trading partner’ will ever be marked as suspicious.
5. Merchant Accounts- These accounts allow you to sell items without the limitations or restrictions imposed on others through the fair trading system.

We understand that hacking is an inherent part of MMORPG gaming but are and will continue to combat hackers whenever we are able. We hope that these changes will continue to enhance game play and the overall satisfaction of playing Conquer Online.

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