Conquer Online: Legends Return Season II Drawing Near!

Conquer Online: Legends Return Season II Drawing Near!


Following the incredible success of Season 1 of Legends Return – The Shadow of Darkness, Conquer Online is now set to launch its 2nd Season, this July!


After a ferocious battle, the demon was severely wounded by the holy power of the Artifact Gear and the mysterious Sub-Class Skills. It retreated into the depths of the Frozen Grotto, in order to lick his wounds and rethink a new strategy. As vengeance for its last defeat, the Demon Overlord vowed to bring never-ending chaos to the world of mortals…Confronted with this huge threat, the 6 class masters decide to carry out a closed-door training session, in order to seek the true essence of martial arts, with the hopes that one day they will find a way to vanquish the demon. Without leaders, the world is in an upheaval that threatens to destroy their hope of victory. Vows are broken and friends turn into foes, while greed and selfishness have led man into an even darker abyss. They forget the real danger and risk their lives for control over the masses. The world is on the very brink of collapse, when the masters return with never before seen knowledge of the six class martial arts, the Pure Skills. Finally, the world has a chance to unite against evil, once more! But, will it mean the end of this endless darkness?


 Conquer Online LEgends Return


With all of this happening, the evil Terato Dragon still poses a great danger to the people. Only the pure of heart will emerge victorious! In this brand new season, a set of thrilling new features will be introduced in-game to help players improve their skills and enhance their power! This competition among characters and guilds is going to be taken to a higher level, as the new PK Tournaments will bring another wave of challenges for the best of the best! Players who have had 2 rebirths will be offered a chance to relive their legendary CO life and discover amazing new skills…


As appreciation towards our players’ support for all this time, the team has made improvements on many aspects; such as increasing the rare item drop rate and the item socketing success rate! You may even be able to find powerful items, like Dragon Balls and all types of Gems, from digging through piles of ordinary ore!


To reduce bugs and help improve game balance, a Public Test Realm will be opened around mid-June, for players to test the new functions before the new season is released. We’ll be hosting a grand Test Realm Selection Event in early June, where players will have chance to enter the trial and to modify the game. We’ll be listening carefully to your opinions and suggestions, and will make any necessary changes to the new features. Your brilliant ideas might turn into reality! The official launch is scheduled at the end of July!


Detailed news coming soon! Stay tuned!

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