Conquer Online Mounts’ Beauty Pageant

The Raiding Clans expansion has been released successfully, and many players have obtained their mighty steeds! How does it feel to ride around astride your gorgeous horse? Want to show your terrific rare mounts to the community? Well, we’re happy to announce that there will be a CO Mount Beauty Pageant held by the TQ team for all the horse owners to exhibit their cherished steeds to the whole community!
To participate in the contest, just simply pick up your mouse, capture your horse-riding screenshot and submit it to us.
Duration: July 20 – Aug. 31
Rewards:  What’s Shell?
1st Prize (1 winner): 16 Shells
2nd Prize (2 winners): 10 Shells Each
3rd Prize (3 winners): 7 Shells Each
Runners-up (20 winners): 3 Shells Each

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