Conquer Online: New Dynasty – Ninja Approaching Part IV PvP Benchmark

The most anticipated feature of the New Dynasty expansion, the Ninja, is scheduled to be released around this Christmas. It will be our greatest gift to a faithful and loyal playership, complete with our best wishes and season’s greetings, of course!
From previous introductory articles, players have become knowledgeable in the basic concepts of Ninja lore, ninja equipment and ninja skills. However, some secrets of this shadowy assassin have yet to be unveiled.

The ninja is the 2nd dual-wielding class with fabled gear and mighty skills. It’s undeniable that Ninja is designed to be a powerhouse in PvP. Many players are worrying that Ninja will be overpowered, which would break the game balance. On the other hand, some suggest the light armor and lowest HP would make the Ninja easy to get one-hit killed by an archer’s cross-fire.
The rumors and predictions can stop here. TQ has already run the ninja PK Benchmark!

Now you can stop making prediction based on the bare statistics and literal description. TQ team is glad to provide you with exclusive ninja PK trailer. In the trailer, Ninjas are confronting other classes, which can give players some basic ninja PvP tactics!

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