Conquer Online: New Expansion

Since it was initially released in 2003, Conquer Online has entered its 6th anniversary. As one of the longer-lasting MMOs, CO has been blessed with a vast and talented player community. To keep our community thriving and vibrant, the TQ team is constantly updating new features, and during the development, we have been paying close attention to the community’s opinions. Your suggestions are collected via survey questionnaires, forums, and the customer service team.
In 2008, with the entrance of the expansion “New Dynasty”, a string of new content has been presented to the community. The new “Ninja” class, new items, Equipment Bonus Quests Series, various PK Wars, etc. Most design ideas for these features came from players’ suggestions and ideas. Moreover, we modified the anti-virus system of the game client, and initiated an anti-bot campaign to try and help keep a secure and balanced gaming environment. We have sorted out the major implemented suggestions.
With the contributions of our players, the New Dynasty has been a great success. This just encourages the TQ team to keep updating the game, and to make CO into fabulous game that is by the players, for the players. These upcoming features were also designed according to the demand of the community, and have been combined into the CO 2009 expansion, Raiding Clans. In the expansion, you can go visit the fun CO carnival, take on dramatic quests written by community members, and experience other surprising content which will be unveiled soon!
Players, prepare yourselves! Now is the time to utilize your talents to customize your adventure!
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