Conquer Online: Ninja Approaching Part II Gear Preview

The new class Ninja of Conquer Online’s expansion, New Dynasty, is scheduled to be released around this Christmas. For this highly appealing class, designers from TQ Digital Entertainment have prepared a series of exclusive items. With exotic equipment, Ninjas are ready to break the mold of Conquer.

According to design concepts, the Ninja is a dual-wielding class, who possesses superior melee attack strength, but has much lower defense. This design concept will be closely reflected in actual game play. The basic Ninja image in Conquer Online is a shrewd warrior in light armor carrying a deadly katana, very like ninjas in other video games and Japanese anime. Apart from this common concept, Ninja equipment style in Conquer Online is also blended with the fantastic ancient Chinese style, which makes the new class fit in the game’s overall art style.

Ninja’s gear can be divided into 4 categories: katana, ninja vest, ninja headband and veil.

The legendary katana, Ninja’s symbolic weapon, has the incredible attack. Compared with sword of the same quality, the katana has almost twice maximum attack. Possessing such lethal weapon, Ninja is undoubtedly a killing machine.

In stark contrast to their wondrous weapons, Ninja armor is not that outstanding. As a class relying on agility and reflexes, Ninjas can only equip some light armor, which makes their defense lower than Trojan’s. The developers hope this design can maintain the balance between the classes.

Ninja has 2 types of specific headgear: headband and veil. However, the properties of these 2 types are the same. Player can make a choice from them to customize their characters’ appearance and style according to their own imagination about ninjas.

Many players are arguing that Ninja, as the second dual-wielding class, would replace Trojan as the most incredible character in the PVP. From the comparison above, we can know that Ninja will highly exceed Trojan in the attack, but has a disadvantage in the defense. However, from these dull statistics, it is hard to judge who will dominate the PvP. After all, victory or defeat of PvP can not be solely decided by the property of gear. Next time, we will unveil Ninja’s mysterious skills, from which players can have a glance at Ninja’s PvP ability.

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