Conquer Online: Ninja Events Series

The Ninja class will be released very shortly but that’s not all that’s new and upcoming! There will be a new series of events and contests to commemorate this occasion which are all Ninja theme related. So far we offer you these 2 amusing events, but next week we have more scheduled so keep up-to-date with this new section as there should be new developments coming soon.

Ninja vs. Pirate ‘Reason’ Contest: (Dec. 18th 2008 – Jan. 16th 2009)
The first of these is an entertaining contest which will ask you, forum members, to post your answer to the question: “Why are Ninjas so much more awesome than Pirates?” This contest will last 4 weeks with weekly winners as well as a grand prize of a signed copy of the Real Ultimate Power: The Official Ninja Book. Check out the new Ninja Event Series section in the forums for full contest details.

Ninjas vs. Pirate Forum Debate: (Dec. 19th starting at 6AM PST until Dec. 26th 2009)

The next is a continuation on this Ninjas vs. Pirates idea. Who doesn’t like to dispute such a thing? C’mon Pirates and Ninjas?!? It is the pinnacle of intellectual discussions! A debate will be held to discuss once and for all what makes one of these groups the best. This will be a debate you’d hardly like to let pass! There will also be a special guest present, the author of the book Real Ultimate Power: The Official Ninja Book from 6 AM to 9 PM PST on Dec.19th, to antagonize those Pirate lovers out there. So, Pirate enthusiasts and Ninja enthusiasts come one and come all and post your thoughts and arguments. Don’t miss out!

Note: Thread will open at 6AM PST on Dec. 19th.

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