Conquer Online: Raiding Clans Steed System Preview

Upon its release in 2003, Conquer Online has been constantly evolving with loyal players’ suggestions and our design team’s hard-work. Now CO has become a thriving and diverse online community for all players from different parts of the planet! For Conquer’s 6th anniversary, the TQ team has prepared for our community a brand-new expansion, Raiding Clans. As the title indicates, the soul feature of the expansion is the mount, the Steed System! Soon adventurers will be able to travel with their trusty steeds, as they ride headlong into battle!
These loyal steeds will accompany their masters as they journey across the vast continent of the Middle Kingdom. Showing no fear, they are willing to charge forward with their riders into the furious battles waged in the world.
There will be various types of steeds, with many different appearances, all suited to a players’ personal choice. You can utilize these gorgeous mounts to customize your character, putting yourself in the spotlight of the community. But good looks aren’t all that they give, as the steeds possess their own unique attributes. Common field horses could provide you with convenient transportation during your travel, while the top-ranked ones are as fast as lightning. A legendary steed can help its master to dominate the universe of Conquer.
The times of merely running into battle are through! Now, the time has come for you to saddle up and ride headlong into destiny!
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