Conquer Online Releases Mounted Combat

Conquer Online Releases Mounted Combat




The big day is here for Conquer Online’s new Mounted Combat update! Arriving on July 28th, players will finally be able get their hands on the newest PK experience to hit CO!


An official video featuring the new combat of different classes has been released earlier today. Now take a look.






New PK Mode – Mounted Combat: Saddle Up & Fight!


No longer will you have to dismount to slay monsters, or to engage the hated enemies surrounding you! Just jump on your trusty steed and fight it out! Jump, swing, sprint, chop, whirl and even backflip, your character can do almost all these actions on horseback with just a simple click! Now, your mount can join in your battles, letting you experience a much faster pace of PvP gameplay! The mounted combat is sure to change how the tide of battle flows!



New Item – Riding Crop


Any mount can be tamed into a combat worthy steed, all you need is the power of the new Riding Crop! After equipping this new talisman, you will be able to cast any of your skills from horseback!

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