Conquer online: The New Dynasty’s Ninja Character Class!

The first large expansion project for Conquer online 2.0, titled The New Dynasty, was revealed last week. We would like to proudly introduce the new character class for this expansion, the Ninja!

The art of assassination was developed to its zenith in feudal Japan and now the warriors of shadow are emerging in the world of Conquer. The ninja will be a master of stealth, subterfuge, deception, and of course, ninjutsu. Don’t expect the ninja to be a front line battle-tank, these shadow warriors are skirmishing tactical characters, specialized in delivering the final blow, not engaging entire armies.

In the world of Conquer, ninjas have long been a mystery, shrouded in secrecy and cloistered in their shadowed guilds. Unforeseen events have now brought them to the limelight in the New Dynasty, bringing an unexpected addition to Conquer’s rich cast of characters. The path of the ninja will soon be laid out before you, though whether you walk in light or dark is your’s to decide.

Armed with tantos, wakizashis, and even the legendary katana, ninjas will be the focus of the New Dynasty. Naturally, our artists were only too keen to start sketching out concepts for this exciting new development. Here are the fruits of their labors ( Take a good look, and prepare for the ninja’s arrival!

Enjoy this exciting preview, and check back soon for updates.

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