Conquer Online’s Summer Guild War Event Returns

Conquer Online Summer Guild Wars Event Returns



TQ Digital announced today that Conquer Online will be holding a Super Guild War Event in August. This event is the equivalent of a Conquer Online PvP Superbowl, and players across their servers have been anticipating the return of this event for an entire year!



Once again, this summer the flames of battles will be lit and war will rage throughout the greatest guilds! The horns are being sounded for the coming of the Super Guild War! More blood will be spilt, and more heroes will emerge as champions! The never-ending war has intensified in the name of honor, glory and the ultimate dominion over the land of Conquer!



Start prepping for battle now. You have less 2 months to prepare for this test of might. Some of the greatest rewards in Conquer Online await the victors so don’t miss your chance!

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