Conquerer Online: Legends Return Expansion Chapter 1 Preview

Conquerer Online: Legends Return Expansion Chapter 1 Preview


In conjunction with the game’s 7th anniversary, TQ Digital has revealed the 3rd expansion for its world-renowned Kung Fu themed MMORPG Conquer Online, Legends Return. In this revolutionary expansion, players can expect an array of new skills, high grade equipment, new guild wars, gritty dungeons, intricate quests, a new class (Monk), and much, much more!

According to the schedule, these thrilling features will be released in 3 chapters throughout 2010, beginning from this April.

In Chapter 1: the Shadow of Darkness, players will be able to experience the prelude of the chaos age. The notable content of chapter 1 will include the Sub-Class System, new dungeons, a new gear system, and new quests.

Sub-Class System
As the prophecy tells, the legendary art of Sub-Classes had been accidentally uncovered by thieves. According to the records, 6 types of Sub-Classes have been deciphered by the scholars: the Apothecary, the Martial Artist, the Chi Master, the Warlock, the Sage and the Performer. Each of these skills can provide its practicers with the unique bonus state. When adventurers reach level 70, they can go to the Job Center to study these powerful, ancient arts.

Conquer Online - Legends Return Expansion Chapter 1 Preview - Subclasses

The Apothecary class can grant someone with the knowledge of herbs and poison, greatly enhancing their tolerance to toxins and poisons. Once one becomes a Martial Artist, one can achieve the peak of physical prowess, and increase the chance to deliver critical strikes during melee battles. On the contrary, the status of Chi Master can help you perceive the deadly attacks of your foes, and increases the dodge rate of critical strikes. The Warlock and the Sage are the symbolic proof of skilled manipulators of magic and the arcane; the former can increase the chances of magical critical strikes, while the latter can help its wielder penetrate an enemies’ magical defense. To become a Performer, one must learn and perfect the exclusive dances of the ancients!

When one learns these Sub-Classes from the Job Center, the path of their gritty training has only just begun! Each of the Sub-Classes has 9 phases, the higher phase one achieves, the greater effect one can receive from their sub-class skills. To master the higher phases of Sub-Classes, players must first reach the required levels for their characters, and then accumulate Study Points by perusing several types of Sub-Class Scrolls obtained from monsters or quests.

New Dungeons
As the prophecy of the Sub-Classes is fulfilled, a formidable demon has broken the seal set by ancient heroes and returned to the mortal world. Seizing the opportunity that 2 guardian dragons of Twin City were falling into their millennial slumber, the demon possessed the twin dragons and remade the 2 divine creatures into its powerful puppets.

After a ferocious battle with the leaders of the 6 classes in Twin City, the demon was severely wounded and escaped into the depths of the Frozen Grotto. In its new nest, the demon proclaimed itself as the Demon Overlord, and summoned its vicious minions to construct a legion of darkness. In Chapter 1 of the expansion, Floors 3 to 6 of the Frozen Grotto will be open for adventures to explore and battle against the hordes. In these new dungeons, players can annihilate the servants of the Demon Overlord, practice their newfound skills, and work to reach the source of this mayhem. 

Conquer Online - Legends Return Expansion Chapter 1 Preview - Shooting the Dragon

Artifact the Gear System
To help combat the legions of darkness, the new Artifact gear system has been developed by the artisans of Twin City. Utilizing the fragments of a Dragon Soul, players can purify their current gear, converting them into Artifacts with incredible elemental powers! The quality of a Dragon Soul has 10 levels, each determining the effect of Purification. Players can collect these precious fragments from bosses scattered in the world of Conquer, or just defeat the demonic dragon for a high-ranked fragment! Also, the state of Purification is temporary, and the effect will disappear when the enchantment wears off. As a by-product of the Artifact Gear research, the artisans also invented some fascinating Equipment Accessories which players can use to decorate their gear!

The 1st Chapter of Legends Return is set to be released in Conquer Online this April. The shadow of havoc is looming over Twin City… Adventurers, get ready to continue your legendary journey in Conquer Online!
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