Conquerer Online Legends Return Season 1 Kicks off


Conquerer Online Legends Return Season 1 Kicks off
TQ Digital is proud to announce the 1st wave of the Legends Return expansion series– Season 1: The Shadow of Darkness will descend upon the world of Conquer Online at Midnight 0:00, April 27th! In season 1 of the expansion, players will be able to experience the prelude to the days of chaos.

As the prophecy of the Sub-Classes is fulfilled, a formidable demon has broken the seal set by ancient heroes, and returned to the mortal world. The demon proclaimed itself the “Demon Overlord”, and summoned all the demons from beneath our world to construct his legion of darkness.

After the server maintenance, players of Conquer Online will be able to experience the fabulous features brought by Patch 5250.

Features of Legends Return Season 1

1. Sub-Class System: 6 types of Sub-Classes have been deciphered by the scholars: the Apothecary, the Martial Artist, the Chi Master, the Warlock, the Sage and the Performer. Each of these skills can provide its practicers with the unique bonus state. When adventurers reach level 70, they can go to the Job Center to study these powerful, ancient arts.
2. Artifact System: Utilizing the fragments of a Dragon Soul, players can purify their current gear, converting them into Artifacts with incredible elemental powers!
3. Weapon Accessories: As a by-product of the Artifact Gear research, the artisans also invented some fascinating Equipment Accessories which players can use to decorate their gear!
4. 3-6th Floors of Frozen Grotto: New dungeons have been opened for adventurers to explore. On 3-6th Floors of Frozen Grotto, you can battle against the legions of demon and challenge the ultimate boss, the Terato Dragon.
5. Small Boss Hunting: Powerful monsters are roaming the world map, transporting Dragon Souls, Equipment Accessory and Refinery Packs back to their dens! The time has come to hunt them, and claim these valuable items for ourselves!
6. New Daily Quests: 6 new Daily Quests are coming to provide you with rich rewards and intriguing storylines.

Other modifications of Patch 5250
– Ninja full Super gear set visual effect added.
– 3 new 500/1000 tables for Texas Hold’em Poker.
– Expanded Warehouses.
– Lottery box category display is added
– The gender prerequisite for the Orchid Quest is removed.
– Chat Interface: a) players can send item info in chat by pushing Ctrl+LMB. B) The Black List for chatting will be saved.
– Horse Racing Tournament: Item release shortcut is added.
– The mark of inscribed becomes invisible when players are checking other players’ equipment.
– The Dragon Ball drop alert sound is added
– The Last Name section has been removed from the new character creation process.

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Conquer Online 7th Anniversary Expansion Season 1
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