Coping Mechanisms: A Time Trip

-Coping Mechanisms Editorial

Occasionally I write about my grappling with depression, pain, and things of that nature. But today I’m going to specifically talk about what gaming can help me do to take me away from those negative feelings, and towards something more positive. One of the issues I have is completion, as I’ve stated before. Not being able to finish something is a real cause of frustration for me, which is probably why I play so many MOBA style games and card games. That way the game is over in a timely manner, without me feeling like I’ve wasted all of my time. But what can I do as a coping mechanism for when the dark cloud has settled over my brain? What I tend to do is go back to something from my past, something that gave me a positive feeling, or if it’s online, where people might still remember that I exist. Lately I’ve been going back to UOSSMUD. I’ve covered that recently as well, but it was the best feeling in the world to log back in after something like seven years [I’ve popped in and out idly, but actively being in the community], it filled me with hope. This was a community I brought both growth to [building/coding a few areas, participating/helping with the Militia, ressing people] and also brought some more negative things [being incredibly toxic, spiteful. Depression was much worse back then, and anxiety moreso]. It’s a place that makes me happy. It provides enough challenge and the options to let me try about as many things as I want. I have two monitors and quite a high-end machine, and still I find myself on a text-based game. It’s one of the ways I cope, and made my life better and worse in a plethora of ways. has been my home for more than a decade, which is more than I can say for any other online game I’ve ever played. It’s also the only MUD I’ve been to that requires a wiki and a pathlist to even be remotely competent. But all told? It makes me happy. What makes you guys happy when you need to unwind? What time travel do you use?

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  • Jestra

    Pick a final fantasy game, that’s mine, I just pick one back up and get lost in the game world, I don’t have to deal with people in any way shape or form and can just disappear even if it’s only for two days a week, it’s enough

    • Ragachak

      I definitely hear that. I’ve been thinking about playing FF1 again, maybe on stream.