Corps System

In Age of Armor, players can create their own corps when they get a proper level. Although the condition to build a corps is not very complex, it is not easy to enlarge the scale of your corps. Only if you keep enough military fees and a certain number of members, the corps can be run formally. When the members and money get a certain degree, the corps can up its level. The corps level will directly affect the fight order of the corps during the siege war and also the level of the occupied city’s development in the future.

The corps leader can appoint those members who make great contribution to the corps to have a corresponding position and permission by using the Position function, which may drive the players to try their best to develop the corps.

Moreover, the corps members can share their captures in the corps warehouse; all the members can find the proper weapon of themselves which will help those members who want to up level fast. That is also the key part for the corps to have more and more super master!
One of the most important purposes of the corps is to attend the siege war. Players can lead their corps to seize the city from their enemy and to be the master of that city. The corps who occupies the city has the right to invest and the right to open the city to others or not, which will greatly increase the force and rallying point of the corps. However, the corps should be responsible for the security establishment in case other corps seize the city. At the same time, corps can align with other corps to be an alignment to cooperate with each other in occupying cities and developing their own. You want to experience more? Just come to AoA!

The second closed beta of AoA will start on August 15th!
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