Cosmic Ray event on DOFUS

From 15th to 29th of April, a series of events linked to the coming of the Cosmic Ray will take place. These include the exile of Otomai’s Creatures, exclusive items, titanic confrontations between Djaul and Silouate and much more.

Schedule of Cosmic Ray events between 15th and 29th April:
XP x 2: The day the Ray strikes, April. 22nd.

Exile of Otomai’s creatures :: Plains cracklers will be replaced by Coralators and Crackrocks will be transformed into Polished Crackrocks.

Exclusive Set: 4 Enutrofs Merchants per server are hiding in different places around the world. Each of them will sell one element of the exclusive set for the Cosmic Ray event.

Bonta VS Brakmar: each day, Djaul for Brakmar and Silouate for Bonta will battle it out on each server. When the Cosmic Ray strikes, the alignment with the most victories will get a whole host of advantages… including a make over of the DOFUS community site with their side’s colors.

Masol-To, the old Enutrof wakes from his sleep with a jolt and, lifts his trembling hands to his encrusted beard, remnants of a hot soup the day before. He saw everything in a dream and now he is sure that soon a fabulous cosmic ray will fall upon the World of Twelve. No rock has resisted the trusty shovel he now grips in his fists and as Masol-To strides along Amakna‘s pathways, his great dream gathers reality with each step.

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