Cosplay Interview: HiRez PixieKittie!


Most everyone knows I love HiRez as a company. They really won me over the past year or so, and it’s been a pleasure to work with them in streams, and giving honest feedback about content they put out for various games. But today, we’re highlighting cosplay! Specifically, HiRez|PixieKittie, a member of the HiRez team, she has delved into the world of cosplay, and we first crossed paths at SWC last year, when she was showing off the fan design of Harajuku Neith! Now it’s a real thing, and her work is really exceptional. If you have a HiRez cosplay you want to be highlighted, you can send it to her Twitter or her Instagram, simply tag or share it to her and it might be featured! With that out of the way, let’s get down to business!

Q:  PixieKittie, a lot of the work I’ve seen of yours is based around the HiRez IPs like Smite. Were you cosplaying before joining the HiRez team?
A:  I knew about cosplay prior to working with Hi-Rez, but never really did anything big until the Smite Launch Tournament.
Q:  Out of the work I have seen though, my favorite was without a doubt Harajuku Neith from Smite. Do you have a favorite design or any upcoming designs you’d care to talk about?
A:  I do have a favorite design, but unfortunately, it’s not out yet! I hope to challenge myself more with this next cosplay for SWC, which is a secret.
Q:  3.Do you prefer to work on costumes alone, or do you have a friend you work with?
A:  I prefer to work on costumes with people because the more creative minds the better. My favorite cosplay partner, without a doubt, is Lilmamacita.
Q:  Do you have a cosplay pet peeve? Whether it’s creating or something in the social scene.
A:  My biggest pet peeve is when my costume starts coming apart. Something I need to work on!
Q:  One of the big things you are known for on social media is sharing other cosplayers work for Hirez IPs. Did anything inspire you to do that since it’s not a part of your job description?
A:  I guess I went out searching for cosplays for my own entertainment, but then realized some are really hidden. I felt like many other people would enjoy them just as much as I do.
I also love promoting our content creators and cosplayers, to help them out. I have also met and kept in contact with a lot of the people I share, which is the greatest feeling ever.
Q:  We keep coming back to Smite! How long have you been playing, and do you have a favorite role?
A:  I’ve been playing since beta and fell in love with it instantly. I’d have to say my favorite role is support/guardian. I love being able to save people’s lives in-game, so it’s a rewarding feeling.
Q:  Any useful tips you’ve picked up, starting cosplaying from the ground up?
A:  Best tip I can give is to do a lot of research, and don’t be afraid to ask questions to other cosplayers. It can be a very challenging process, but the end result is an accomplisment.
Also, patience is a good friend to have when working on cosplays.
Q:  You said earlier you’re planning to stream cosplay designs with a friend. Where will people be able to find that?
A:  I hope to be streaming weekly on my personal twitch channel: It’s a great opportunity to see the nitty gritty tasks of cosplay, and ask questions.
There’s a lot of amazing stuff coming to Smite, Paladins, and all the other HiRez IPs! Make sure you stay tuned to OnRPG and MMOHuts for all the latest in news for their games and much more!

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