Create Armor on My Own

Does extraterrestrial exist in the endless universal? If it does, what does it look like? Gundam? Such questions may appear in many fans’ mind for many times. With the game industry’s development, many games come out one by one. Age of Armor, which developed by Snail Game comes with a hope that to provide a in-game robot world for all the fans,
The most important difference between AoA and other such kinds of games is players can assemble their armors on their own! Each armor has four main parts, head, body, arms and legs. These four parts can make up an integrated armor when players go to the assemble robot to finish the process. Players can change the head, body, arms and legs optionally. Assemble not only create difference in the armor’s appearance, but also effect armor’s battle effectiveness, which is a feature of AoA. The in-game fight will happen at anytime, so it is particular important to handle both the weapon and armor operation. Players can set different kinds fight weapons, short range or long-distance weapons and weapon defense in their shoulders and arms, which can shift freely.
Create the armor you want in Age of Armor!
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