Crimecraft Releases Gang Wars Expansion

Crimecraft Releases Gang Wars Expansion



Vogster Online has launched CrimeCraft GangWars, the second major expansion to its flagship free-to-play online shooter.



As part of a special offer, Crimecraft is offering a special package for new users who download the game through steam including:

-An exclusive “Steam Punk” clothing set including helmet, jacket, pants and boots.

-A 15 percent XP boost item.

-40 Gold Bars, CrimeCraft’s real money transaction currency.

-Steamrolls, an exclusive boost which provides +20 percent damage and +15 percent resistances.



The centerpiece of GangWars is Territory Wars, where the gangs of Sunrise City battle for control of lobbies and instances. The rewards for controlling a territory include in-game cash, bonuses and being able to post your gang markings on your home turf, but maintaining control is tough as every gang in the city is gunning for Territory.



In addition to end game content, CrimeCraft is now easier to play than ever thanks to the new Quickplay menu which allows new players to get into the action faster than ever before and casual players to bypass the extensive RPG gameplay if they choose to.



Other new features in CrimeCraft GangWars include:


Class Profiles: Twenty distinct, fully strapped classes ready for instant action. These classes are designed to be competitive against all types of opponents.

Unique Game Mode: Core Annihilation is an epic game mode blending PvP and PvE combat. Players cooperate with AI controlled soldiers to destroy an opponent’s core while protecting their own.

New Turf: La’Famiglia Compound, a 6-16 player combat zone, is the epitome of lavish luxury and criminal greed… a mansion every gang dreams of controlling.



“GangWars is a real game changer for CrimeCraft, the game has evolved to the point where it is accessible and can meet the expectations of casual and hard core players alike.” said Executive Producer Michael Mendheim. “The longer you play the greater depth the game provides or if you’re just looking for a 30 minute fix of fast and furious action, this is the game for you. Simple, hot and deep, whether casual or hard core, CrimeCraft GangWars delivers the fun.”

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