Criminal Girls: To Censor Or Not To Censor?


Criminal Girls: Invite Only is a game on the slowly dying PlayStation Vita. Released by NISA, this is the first time a “Criminal Girls” game will be released in America!  I know a lot of you are thinking “So what?” or if you’ve seen the game you might be thinking “What the fuck is wrong with them!?” and that’s totally fine. It’s definitely not a game on my radar. I think it’s pretty gross and repugnant. Some of the girls look waaay too young to be in this game. There were a few things censored in “Criminal Girls”, such as:

  1. Artwork.  No more rope bondage porn! The art was softened up.
  2. Terminology changes: It’s no longer “Punishment”. It’s “Motivation”!
  3. No native dialogue: This is probably for the best. It’s even creepier sounding in Japanese though.
  4. No “Motivation” scene dialogue:  This one I understand a little less. Since the game has no subtitles, I guess it’s just easier to not have this at all.


The nature of this game is “consent”. That’s probably why it was changed from “Punishment” to “Motivation”.  If these girls are tied up and being punished and you’re just having your way, I can definitely see the need to possibly soften this game up a bit, so it can even be released in American on a console. The ratings system for consoles is pretty damn tough. Even if it were a digital only release, it would have to get an MA/Adults Only rating which would mean sales would tank. And tank hard. But there were choices, Nippon Ichi! Choices! You could have ported a game that didn’t feel like bondage porn/something darker! Port it to the PC where the restrictions aren’t as horrific! Still a chance it could get the dreaded “AO” stamp on PC, but they could have thought this through a bit more. You could import it yourself! It’s not the first time a game came out on a Sony console that people imported because they couldn’t have it in America! There’s no region lock there!  The point is, even if I don’t agree with the game, I’m not going to try and tell people not to get it/that it should be censored. There were other choices than pushing this to the Vita with a bunch of edits. The Vita’s basically a dying handheld in America [No matter how much I love it], so I don’t think it’s going to make the money you think it might.

Touching young girls who are criminals and “fulfil the girls’ special requests”. Jesus F. Lord. It’s a pretty fucking perverted game, but you don’t have to buy it, it doesn’t have commercials on TV, or on YouTube that I’ve seen. You have to actively seek this game out. I don’t understand the need to make this game, but if you’re going to create a creepy, obscure game and release it in America, leave it as is, or don’t do it at all. I don’t judge peoples’ tastes, but damnit, America. You knew what this was going to entail [pun not intended, I swear] before you decided to port it.

Should they have bothered? Risked the “Adults Only” rating? Should they have just ported yet another version of “Disgaea 1” instead? What do you think?

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  • Eric Marsh

    I believe all games have some merit to them, even if they’re risque or outright pornographic. That said, I believe it being released on a platform that is marketed towards teens, young adults, and adults alike is a bit of a misstep. When you examine the breadth of human experience – as games do – you’re going to eventually come across sexuality and sexual content, but releasing this kind of game on a console that’s marketed to all ages is akin to releasing a hentai game on the Gameboy Advance.

    Now there are arguments for allowing teens and young adults to explore sexuality in their own ways, without coercion or adult intervention (barring preventing dangerous scenarios, like reenacting rape-bondage – obviously what the efforts to censor this game were meant to mitigate), but those debates aren’t best had within the context of the games industry.

    I’m with you on just porting this game as a PC release, uncensored, and allowing people to find it on their own and purchase it for themselves. Not my cup of tea, but who am I to deny someone their Earl Grey?

    • Ragachak

      I can agree with that. It’s definitely not my cup of tea, but that in no way means other people shouldn’t get to play it. But it could’ve been worse: What if they had tried to put this on the 3DS? Now that would’ve had people up in arms.

      One of the big arguments people have made over the years is that “Games create violent behavior”, so if we go by that logic, games like this can perpetuate Rape Culture or the urge to take advantage of women. All told, I think it deserved to be made, but there had to have been a better way.

  • Eldhin Hellknight

    NISA fucked up the first game, and the are going to do the same with the second one. Even the PC version of the first game is going to have the same amount of censorship

    • Ragachak

      You’re probably right. I haven’t paid the franchise much attention, but I think all the censorship is ultimately pretty silly. If someone wants to play it that bad without it though, thankfully it’s on a Sony console, so you can import it.