Cronous: Restless Refuge of Undead Update

New Boss quest with first ride-able transportation item will be updated on April 24.

Seoul, Korea – April 22, 2008 – Global Cronous, popular action MMORPG serviced by Lizard Interactive, reveals its first ride-able transportation item which comes as a reward for the new boss quest, Restless Refuge of Undead, scheduled for update on April 24.

Key feature of this new update is for players to clear the quest, Restless Refuge of Undead. When the king of undead is slain, there will be a random drop of Death Knight’s Hood, Armor, Greaves, Gauntlet, or Belt. By collecting all 5 items and combining all will grant the player with the ‘Will of Undead’ a transformation item which allows player to become a Death Knight riding a steed.

In this new quest, players will have to free the spirit of the great human king and his solders who returned from dead to complete their mission to protect their land and people. Unfortunate souls, the great king and his solders are left with nothing but the will to attack and savage anything which comes across their sight.

Developers of Lizard Interactive commented that this is just a start of series for the Cronous users and a lot of new and fun contents are still to come in the future.

Cronous is a Full 3D Graphic MMORPG Game that is an action role-playing game based on a combination of level system and skill system. Cronous also has unqiue Growth Item. Growth item has different characteristics depending on propensity of the gamer in battles. Gamers can name their growth weapon and if successfully raised, the named weapon will remain as your special partner forever in the world of Cronous.

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