Cross Server Battles comes to Chrono Wars

Cross Server Battles comes to Chrono Wars news header

The hit free-to-play browser-based MMORPG, Chrono Wars, launched its latest major feature this Sunday, 6/28: Cross Server Domination.


For the first time, players can not only fight other players within their own servers, but they can also fight in 1v1 and 3v3 matches against players on other servers.



-5 minute brawls

-Receive Honor Awards as prizes

-Available to players of Lvl. 40+. Hint, if you are really good, you can get to Lvl. 40 in 1 hour.


Both new players and veterans are welcome to join these fun battles. A new server will open up on the same date.  Here is a gift code to help boost you up during the CS Domination: [ 0289g0b4e4csuem6 ].


What’s more, you will be eligible for a drawing of an iWatch and a cool gamer headset once you reach Lvl. 48 on any server. Details at:

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