Crusaders Quest Launches Battlefield Update

Crusaders Quest Launches Battlefield Update news header

TOAST, the publishing brand of NHN Entertainment USA, reveals another chapter in the Crusaders Quest saga! Chosen as an Editor’s Choice in Google Play, Crusaders Quest gets a new story chapter, a new goddess guide, 6 new Soulbound weapons, and 36 new normal heroes to collect!

The Neth Imperial army seeks to achieve world peace by destroying all other means of war. This noble goal is quickly corrupted by Dike of Neth’s continued quest for power. The Neth revolutionary leader, Yuria, is standing against this tyrant, but needs your help as the leader of the mercenary camp to overcome them. Find the elite squad, the Crona Hero Party, and battle against the Neth Imperials together.

Fight in 60 new stages with 30 new monsters and 56 newly written quests to guide you through the Battlefield episode! Recruit these two new Premium Heroes to help you fight against the Neth Imperial Army:

  • Lionel – A warrior who has left his aristocratic life behind to reclaim glory on the battlefield.
  • Athena – A paladin who studied the craft of war in the Roman Academy and quickly become its military head.

Ally yourself with the new goddess Cronos, and receive the ability to slow all enemy movements by 50% for 4 seconds. When the effect ends, all allies recharge their last used skills.

We’re also bringing 6 new Soulbound Weapons to your favorite Heroes: Isabel, V, Magnus, Wilhelm, Necron, and Dara. Head to the Fortress of Souls for your chance to unlock these mythic weapons and annihilate the Goddess’s enemies with these colourful and devastating attacks!

Recruit the 36 new Normal Heroes as you continue to build your mercenary camp for the battle with the legions of Imperial Neth. Collect and train these heroes to become champions and promote them to become masters of the PVP arena!

At last, the Player Account Level Max has been extended from 60 to 70. Now you can unlock new upgrade options for the Heroes in your mercenary camp and increase your total meat counter!

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