CTRacer Closed Beta

You think you know how to drive?!
We are challenging everyone!
You think you’re good enough?
Race with us and get a chance to win CASH prizes!
Close Beta – 1st Phase (July 17 ~ July 20)
Driving School
Players may do whatever you guys want!
GMs will be playing together with you guys and will start the same way you guys did!
Just make sure to sharpen up your driving skills and prepare for the 2nd Phase!
Close Beta – 2nd Phase (July 21 ~ July 23)
Race with the Game Masters!
After 4 days of toning up your driving skills, it’s now time to show what you got!
Solo or team racing? Bring it on!
Beat the GMs and possibly win any of the following prizes!
* Gift Cash Certificates
* In-game gold
* CTR Game Cash

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