CTRacer: OBT Launching

The highly anticipated CTRacer Open beta is almost here! Game Networks Inc will finally open their road for the open beta test in 2 days!  The CTracer servers will become open for playing on August 21 2009 at around 800 GMT+ 9.
We are also unveiling the highly anticipated Guild Feature and the Guild section in the official website. This will allow our players to create and recruit members for their guild as early as possible. The buddy list will also become an added feature in the open beta test. This way you can message or check if your friends are online!
Developed by Mobil Planet, CTRacer lets players experience real racing while speeding in a virtual world. It features an exact realistic replica of the skyways and the highways of Seoul Korea. Visit the official CTRacer website for details. See you on the road!

CTRacer Closed Beta]

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