Darkfall Online: new beta invites

TheDarkfall team just announced on their forums that they sent out some new invites for the Closed Beta. Here’s the full announcement:

We sent out the second batch of beta invites last night and we’re going to continue inviting people as needed by our testing process. There’s no ETA to the invites, we’re moving along based solely on our needs. We might invite more people in as early as tonight, and as frequently as every day. The testers are under strict NDA and it would be very unfortunate if we had to ban people and/or to modify our testing – so we would like to ask everyone to respect our process and procedures, even those of you not yet in the beta.

If you’re not in the beta yet, please don’t take this personally, it’s likely you don’t fit our immediate testing needs. There are a lot of criteria, but it can be as simple as hardware, location, time zone etc. We appreciate your understanding as we’re trying to get Darkfall ready, we take this process very seriously.

Another thing: We mentioned this before but there is no official Darkfall pre-order. Sites that offer Darkfall pre-orders are not affiliated with us, and we don’t support their offering in any way.
Finally, in our beta invites we’ll never ask you for your password. We’re not asking for any information, we have everything we need in your beta sign up. There are fake beta invites circulating, and you need to use some common sense and be careful.

That’s all for now, we’ll keep you updated about any changes or developments.”

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