Dawn of Fantasy Launches Co-Op Social Patch

Dawn of Fantasy Launches Co-Op Social Patch



Reverie World Studios has just launched its biggest and most anticipated patch to date for its PC MMORTS, Dawn of Fantasy. Patch 1.1.9, hyped as the “Co-Op Social Patch,” adds a whole new level of player interactivity to the game world of Mythador, forever changing the way you siege. You loved the game before – now experience it all over again in full out co-op mode with your friends!



Introducing several new features and hundreds of small tweaks, Patch 1.1.9 will greatly improve Dawn of Fantasy’s social aspect with friend lists, private messages, private chat channels, new public chat channels, and a full range of friend features. This patch also introduces co-op questing and sieges, allowing you to team up with friends and matched teammates alike to dominate the game world. Quests and sieges will be re-balanced for teams, so players will never be short a challenge. These new features bring the studio one step closer to guild implementation, which is planned for later this quarter.



“All of us at Reverie are really pleased with this patch,” commented Dawn of Fantasy Assistant Producer Alex Walz, “It’s our biggest patch, but more importantly, it represents a change in direction for the game. Up until this point, we’ve been working with the players and testers to fix numerous game issues and connectivity problems. But now we’ve crossed the hump. We can finally focus on implementing new features to offer our players a continually evolving adventure; we can now finish making the game we all envisioned before getting bogged down with the demands and deadlines of the corporate world.”



In addition, this patch enhances dragon units, greatly boosting their stats and making skilled dragons lootable. Players will also see a PvP protection timer in remote scenarios, trainable heroes, and increased dwarven mining rates. So enjoy the new features and tweaks, and stay tuned for our next major patch, which will introduce an overhaul of the pathfinding system!

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