Dawngate Releases Update 36 & Ronan the Peacekeeper

Dawngate Ronan

Dawngate has announced the release of Patch 36, introducing Ronan the Peacekeeper, along with additional changes and bug fixes.

Ronan is classed as a ranged, physical damage carry. This Shaper excels in the Gladiator role, with mobility and empowered basic attacks making him great at last hitting, efficient trading, and large teamfights.

Ronan’s Abilities are as follows:

  • Passive – Pure Shaper – Keen Senses: Ronan may cast his abilities freely. Ronan’s wards are empowered by his heightened sense of hearing, augmenting normal ward vision with sight over walls and terrain.
  • Q – Bolt: Ronan dashes in target direction, resetting his basic attack cooldown and causing his next basic attack within 5 seconds to deal bonus physical damage.
  • W – Injection: Ronan throws his vim ampoules into the air around him. After 0.75 seconds they inject into him, removing all disabling effects.
  • E – On the House: Ronan throws a burning flask in target direction, impacting on the first target hit or after reaching max distance.
  • R – Reckoning: Ronan embodies Justice for the next 6 seconds, causing his basic attacks during this period to deal {35/60/85} (+0.2) bonus physical damage to his primary target and additionally ricochet to nearby enemy Shaper with the lowest percent Health to deal {75/110/145} (+0.6) physical damage. Reckoning will seek out 2 targets to damage if Ronan is attacking with a Bolt-enhanced basic attack.

The update will serve as the basis for Dawngate’s “Race for the Gate” tournament starting October 17. Producer Dave Cerra also released a new letter to the players. You can find the full patch notes here.

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