DC Universe Cat Woman Inspired Update Announced

DC Universe Cat Woman Inspired Update Announced


After Michelle Pfeiffer, Halle Berry *shudder* and the recently announced Anne Hathaway, a new version of Gotham’s favourite cat burglar is coming, and she’s bringing Egyptian gods goodies with her!

In the first of Sony Online Entertainments promised monthly content ‘Issues’, DC’s ’ Feline Fatale’  is taking centre stage.  Catwoman brings with her cursed Egyptian artefacts and monsters. See kids? Robbing museums is bad!

DCUO Cat Woman Update


“Basically, roughly on a monthly basis we want to add more stuff to the game,” said Chris Cao, the game’s director. “For February we looked and saw that not everyone is max level, so we need some new stuff for people who are still climbing up and trying to become a legend. But we also need something for those players who have already maxed out.”

So this new content will span all levels and give some new items, enemies and armours In the Ancient Mayan Armour and Cat Burglar gear. Catwoman will also be opened up as a playable character in the Legends PvP Arena.

DCUO Mayan Armour Gear Set

DCUO Cat Burgler Gear Set


But Batman’s sometimes partner and sometimes foe is not alone as the season of romance will also see Wonder Woman and Circe fighting it out and upsetting the Goddess of Love. This leads to all manner of Valentine’s themed mayhem and adventures in the ‘cherub shadow realm’. Players will compete both with and against each other to earn hearts to use as ingame currency and will ultimately face off against the Goddess of love herself.

In addition, there will be a new Duos mission against Bane, a new Raid mission in the Batcave, races and Information investigations. Perhaps the biggest news for current players is that Item trading will be introduced, so perhaps the Broker Houses in the Watchtower and Hall of Doom will be active sooner than we thought.

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