DDO Releases Update 17: Return to Gianthold

DDO Releases Update 17: Return to Gianthold



Turbine continues to expand the world of Dungeons & Dragons Online with their 17th major update today, Return to Gianthold. New storyline involving the return of the Stormreaver and insane levels of difficult welcome players to a familiar realm with challenges unlike any they’ve experience before.


The Ruins of Gianthold Adventure Pack is free to VIPs and now features two new difficulty settings:

Heroic Gianthold

Explore the updated quests and wilderness area of Gianthold in Heroic difficulty.  Visual updates and a revised story will take you deeper into the myth and legend of Gianthold Tor.  With the Stormreaver and his followers planning to destroy the world, it falls to the heroes of Stormreach to stop them by any means necessary.


Epic Gianthold

In the all-new Epic difficulty, Gianthold is under siege by dragons under the leadership of The Truthful One.  In an effort to save his people, the Stormreaver escapes from imprisonment and returns to confront his ancient nemesis. Learn the truth of the draconic prophecies and put a stop to The Truthful One’s plans once and for all!

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