Deadly Premonition Returns – In an Unexpected Way

I’m in shock like a weasel in an electric chair. After all this time, we have news of a new Deadly Premonition game . . . board game, that is. Yes, Deadly Premonition: The Board Game has taken off on Kickstarter and is set to fully fund within 24 hours of its launch.

Deadly Premonition The Board Game

It’s no surprise, to me, that this unlikely concoction is taking off. Deadly Premonition, like its clear inspiration Twin Peaks, is a cult-classic of horror video games. Wonderfully bizarre, psychological and psychadelic, Deadly Premonition was a wonderfully creative video game. Despite some glaring combat issues with its original launch, it managed to capture the hearts and minds of many. It was a gateway drug to Twin Peaks for video gamers, just as many Twin Peaks fans found themselves trying Deadly Premonition in turn.

But for all fans have wanted a new Deadly Premonition game, expanding upon the world’s lore or (in our dreams) officially working with David Lynch on a true Twin Peaks video game, a board game was not expected. The project is designed as a murder mystery, in which players act as detectives to figure out the true identity of the Rain Coat Killer – one of whom is a player themselves. Players can engage in “evidence battles” and manipulate the game by using weather cards. Although it supports two to four players, I’m not quite sure how two players will get around the obvious “Aha, we know which one of us is the killer” moment at the start of the game – it seems like something fun enough to play on a rainy night with friends.

While it’s not Deadly Premonition 2, it is supported by Swery in this odd little video! Go check out the project and give it your support here.

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