Dekaron Announces Two Valentine’s Day Event

Dekaron Announces Two Valentine’s Day Event


First event: get your chocolate at Dekaron
Even the strongest warrior has a sweet tooth. Celebrate this year’s Valentine with a treat from Dekaron!
To obtain chocolate and various you need to hunt monsters out on the field during the event period (February 4 – February 25). The chocolate will increase your Attack and Defense stats, as well as increase your maximum HP/MP pools.
Chocolate can only be obtained in the field, and is not dropped in instanced dungeons. So stuff yourself up, because all the chocolate will expire after the weekly maintenance of February 25th (Thursday).
Second event: Valentine’s Day limited edition items
Everyone who purchases Valentine’s Day limited edition ‘random box’ will receive a bonus treasure chest! Of course you will find various goodies inside. The event also lasts from February 4 until February 25!

Valentine Day Limited Edition Item Chest Reward

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